dni / byi / etc

DNI : basic dni (idc abt the toothpaste flag tho), zionist, fetish/nsfw, ai "artist", nft bros, dream stans, serial killer stans, record x tissues (burner)THIN ICE : hate my favs, dsmp fans, countryhumans, know me irl, i block very freelyBYI : tone indicators appreciated, i mirror others behavior a lot, im bad at talking to people
25+ dnf. i don't like to befriend adults


FANDOMS : osc, omori (i don't support omocat), amphibia, total drama, disventure camp, murder drones, mlp (g4), scott pilgrim, infinity train, tgamm, regretevator, a lot of other stuffFAVS : saltpep + rosecord!!!!! and the characters themselves
bold = stuff i post abt a lot


TOP KINS : record (burner) (fictionkin), daddy long legs (burner), sunny (omori), hanger (burner), wallflower blush (mlp), young neil (scott pilgrim), miles morales (spiderverse), scag (regretevator)KINS : airy (hfjone), ena (ena), marcy wu (amphibia), jinx (arcane), teardrop (bfdi), woody (bfdi), clock (bfdi), betty grof (adventure time), polaroid (burner), uzi (murder drones)
all synpaths except for record. idm doubles


credit me if you use my art, fic/hcs/ships/kin/etc my ocs is fine, but nothing nsfw, don't edit my art into nsfw, don't trace/repost my art, don't heavily reference my oc designs, collabs (edits, art, etc) openfeel free to dm me anytime, i love talking to people and making friends i'm just really bad at it